The worst situation every traveller in India must have gone through is the unclean public toilets. 

“This article is meant for women especially during your menstrual periods and pregnancy. You have to bother much on the hygiene factor”

In India particularly rural areas, people are not aware of using a western toilet properly. Indians use water for cleaning their bottom, very rare to find toilet paper. Every toilet will be having a tap and mug (now a day’s a mini-water shower). The toilet seats may be wet and dirty with drops of urine and debris. Most often public toilets are scary germ-filled places, especially Railways, Hospitals and any public restrooms.
If you are a woman the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) is high while using public toilets.

What if your only option is to use a dirtier toilet to answer the sudden requirement of Nature’s call

If you are a person who travels across India it’s recommended that you carry a paper toilet cover /travel toilet seat cover and Toilet Seat Sanitizer so as to keep you away from many diseases.

It will make you comfortable while using a dirty western toilet to answer the sudden requirement of Nature’s call

What is a paper toilet cover /travel toilet seat cover?

Travel toilet covers are made out of hygienic, anti-bacterial disposable tissue paper which fits all toilet seats. It helps you to avoid direct contact with the dirty seats preventing skin diseases and cross-infection of infectious diseases. Paper toilet cover brings you dry user experience and also keeps the seat clean for the next user.  MUST FOR PREGNANT LADIES

How to use a paper toilet cover:
 Usually, comes in packets of 10. Flush the toilet and place the plastic seat on. Pull one out of it, carefully place it on the toilet seat.

Where to buy? : Available in Amazon, Flipkart

Toilet Seat Sanitizer?
A must-have for women! Sitting in a public toilet for peeing is such a scary thing for them. Toilet Seat Sanitizer (Spray) is for them. Kills 99.9% germs, Masks the unpleasant odours, Easy to carry anywhere, Sanitize the area within 5 seconds, Protects you from diseases like UTI

How to use:  All you have to do is just spray it on and around the toilet seat.

Where to Buy : 

It is recommended to use both Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Toilet Paper Seat

 After you finish your job, ensure that you wash your hand using soap for at least 15-20Sec.

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