wallet neuropathy

Are you a man who carries his wallet in the back pocket? Are you a person who sits with your big fat wallet in your back pocket for a long time or when you are driving?

A simple reason for back pain in men is the habit of keeping wallets in their back pocket  and sitting on it while driving, working, etc for a long period which makes the body posture especially the pelvis and spine out of position

 Before you visit a chiropractor, find out what is happening to your back? You may be shocked!

backpain and wallet

Wallet Neuropathy or “ Hip Wallet Syndrome” is a form of sciatic neuropathy caused by sitting on a fat wallet when kept in the back pocket while sitting over a long time.  Wallet Neuropathy is also known as ‘wallet neuritis’, ‘wallet sciatica’, ‘fat wallet syndrome’

The pain occurs when your wallet is pressed on sciatic nerves in the back and can lead numbness in your ankle, lower leg, neck, shoulder, and foot. You could identify your back pain is because of your bulky wallet if you walk around your pain will be relieved.

This is a slow-burn phenomenon and you will most likely not be aware of the damage until it will be too late

what you should do to get rid of wallet Neuropathy?

wallet neuropathy
  • Remove wallet out from the back pocket while sitting or driving 
  • When you feel pain or numbness, stand up and walk around for a while
  • We recommend the use of a stylish front-pocket wallet instead of the standard wallet you keep in your back pocket 
  • Do YOGA for Sciatica, will help you a lot to recover also start practicing YOGA for correcting Posture 


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